Build a Training Request

Helper for building a common training request.

antinex_utils.build_training_request.build_training_request(csv_file='/tmp/cleaned_attack_scans.csv', meta_file='/tmp/cleaned_metadata.json', predict_feature='label_value', ignore_features=['label_name', 'ip_src', 'ip_dst', 'eth_src', 'eth_dst'], seed=None, test_size=0.2, preproc_rules=None)[source]
  • csv_file – csv file built with
  • meta_file – metadata file built with
  • predict_feature – feature (column) to predict
  • ignore_features – features to remove from the csv before the split of test + train data
  • seed – integer to seed
  • test_size – percent of records to split into test vs train
  • preproc_rules – future preprocessing rules hooks